mlmmj released

This release contains security-related bugfixes, other minor bugfixes, and updates to listtexts and documentation.

Most importantly, everyone using the web admin interfaces is advised to update.

It includes these changes:

  • Check return status in mlmmj-perl-admin when adding subscribers (Florian Streibelt, Bitmand)
  • Better validation of input in php-admin (Thomas Goirand)
  • Added Turkish translation (Samed Beyribey)
  • Fixed security bug in mlmmj-php-admin (Florian Streibelt, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard)
  • Added README.postfix to distribution tarball
  • Added contrib/amime-receive (Gerd v. Egidy)
  • Fixed memory leak in substitute_one() (Ben Schmidt)
  • Updated German listtexts (Christoph Wilke)
  • Updated TUNABLES file (Ben Schmidt)

This is an interim release which won't be represented by any revision in version control. Rather, it is 1.2.17 with a collection of recent patches that were felt important or unobtrusive enough to release quickly, rather than waiting for a full test-and-release cycle.

It is, of course, available on the downloads page.