Mlmmj 1.3.0 has been released. All feedback on 1.3.0a1 was positive, and this release contains very few additional changes, and none that are risky.

Please visit the downloads page to get it.

The changes include:

  • A new smtphelo tunable for adjusting the hostname as given to SMTP HELO/EHLO
  • A new modonlypost tunable for lists with posts from moderators only
  • Bug fixes related to SMTP compliance and non-Mlmmj addresses containing the list delimiter
  • Czech translation

It should be compatible with 1.2.18. It is called 1.3.0 as I am attempting to migrate to a semver versioning scheme, and this release contains new features. Future 1.3.x releases will contain bug fixes and list text updates; future 1.x.x releases will have new features, but should still be compatible with 1.3.0, and any incompatible changes will go into 2.x.x.