Mlmmj released

This release fixes three bugs. Current users of are encouraged to upgrade.

Mlmmj released

Contains many new features, bug fixes, and improved documentation. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

Mlmmj 1.2.18rc1 published

A release candidate for Mlmmj 1.2.18 has been published. Please help test it, and report bugs and successes.

Mlmmj 1.2.18a1 released

An alpha release for the upcoming Mlmmj 1.2.18 has been published. Please help test, report bugs and successes, and review code.

mlmmj released

Contains bugfixes and updates to listtexts and documentation. Everyone using the web admin interfaces is advised to update.

Mlmmj — Mailing List Management Made Joyful

Mlmmj is a simple and slim mailing list manager (MLM) inspired by ezmlm. It works with many different Mail Transport Agents (MTAs) and is simple for a system adminstrator to install, configure and integrate with other software. As it uses very few resources, and requires no daemons, it is ideal for installation on systems where resources are limited, such as Virtual Private Servers (VPSes).

Although it doesn't aim to include every feature possible, but focuses on staying mean and lean, and doing what it does do well, it does have a great set of features, including:

  • Archive
  • Custom headers / footer
  • Fully automated bounce handling (similar to ezmlm)
  • Complete requeueing functionality
  • Moderation functionality
  • Subject prefix
  • Subscribers only posting
  • Regular expression access control
  • Functionality to retrieve old posts
  • Web interface
  • Digests
  • No-mail subscription
  • VERP support
  • Delivery Status Notification (RFC1891) support
  • Rich, customisable texts for automated operations

You can read more about Mlmmj in the documentation section.

It is released under the MIT license, so can be freely downloaded and modified. If you do modify it, we'd love it if you'd share your changes with us. Visit the development section of the site for more information.

If you need help with Mlmmj or have questions about it, check out our support section.