Latest version: 1.4.6
mlmmj-receive(1) General Commands Manual mlmmj-receive(1)

mlmmj-receivereceive mails for an mlmmj managed mailinglist

mlmmj-receive -L /path/to/listdir [-h] [-V] [-P] [-F]

Print help
Don't fork in the background "debugging only"
Full path to list directory
Don't execute mlmmj-process(1) "debugging only"
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The mlmmj-receive binary is the one specified in the mailserver configuration file (aliases file), which writes the mail to the <listdir>/incoming directory and invokes mlmmj-process(1) unless the -P option is specified. On systems using mailservers supporting the /etc/aliases file, a line to activate an mlmmj managed mailinglist would look like this:

list: "|/usr/bin/mlmmj-receive -L /var/spool/mlmmj/list/"

It's very important to specify the full path to the binary, or the mailinglist will not function.

When the -F option is used, it will not fork in the background. The reason it forks is that if delivery of a mail takes longer time than the mail server will allow a command to be idle before presumed dead, the mail server would kill it.


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September 1, 2004