Latest version: 1.4.6

This mini-HOWTO is a step-by-step guide for using mlmmj with qmail MTA (, and it has been successfully tested also with vpopmail virtual domains (

Prerequisites: - qmail (and vpopmail) correctly installed - mlmmj correctly installed

Conventions: - ${BINDIR}: directory with mlmmj binary files (/usr/local/bin/) - ${LISTDIR}: directory with list configuration files (/var/spool/mlmmj/listname) - ${DQFILE}: dot-qmail file (see below)

Configuration: - the first thing you’ve to do is to create the list, using the mlmmj-make-ml script (follow the classic procedure to do this step) - enter the control directory for the list (${LISTDIR}/control/), and execute the following command:

    # cd ${LISTDIR}/control/; echo '-' > delimiter

WARNING: REMEMBER that the delimiter is -, so do not use + when composing mail addresses for extensions!!!

WARNING: DO NOT USE ‘preline’ command in dot-qmail files, it will result in mlmmj to not work properly!!!


Fabio Busatto