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Request #20 mark moderated messages
Submitted: 2011-02-06 03:41 UTC Modified: -
From: floeff at gmail dot com Assigned:
Status: Open
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 [2011-02-06 03:41 UTC] floeff at gmail dot com
Is should be possible to add an indication that a message has been passed by
the moderators to the subject line, or as a secondary header in the
message itself, or in the footer.

This way those answering the OP will know that they need to add his/her personal address to the reply. Additionally, the OP will know that tthe message has come from an email address which is not registered, which can happen by accident.

It might also make sense to support "add original poster to Reply-to" in these cases.


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 [2016-05-10 12:04 UTC] maintainer at mlmmj dot org
I'm not sure about this request.

- If a header is added, the number of users who see it will be minimal
- Altering the subject line has the same problems as 'prefix' does, or could result in two prefixes, which could get quite unwieldy; the second prefix would also need to be filtered out or replies would all look moderated, too
- Would end users really know what to do in this circumstance anyway?
- Using the 'Reply-To' is becoming more and more frowned upon (and List-* headers more and more supported by clients), and it could be quite confusing if it's different for different messages on the same list
- If a user posted from the wrong address by accident, they probably don't want replies at both their addresses anyway

I don't want to be a naysayer, but I'm not sure this adds more value than problems.

The 'subscribe and moderate in a single step' suggestion of request #8 seems to me to be a better way of addressing the sorts of problems trying to be solved here. That feature could be exposed to moderators, posters, both, or neither.

Do you have further thoughts or ideas on this?
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