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[mlmmj] Subscription confirmation address length vs RFC 5321

Hello, everyone.

We've recently had a report that one of our users was unable to confirm
subscription to our mailing lists [1]. It turns out, that in some cases
the length of the local part of the subscription address exceeds
the limit of 64 characters imposed by RFC 5321 (SMTP) [2].

While it didn't cause any major issues so far, it seems that a growing
number of new mail providers are actually enforcing more strict
policies and refusing to send e-mail with the length exceeding limits
imposed by the RFC.

FWICS, the local part of the subscription address is constructed
of the following segments:

  mailing-list-name "+confsub-" 16-random-hex "-" sender-address

Out of this, the middle segments already take 26 of 64 allowed octets.
The longest name in our mailing lists has 26 characters. If we round
that up to 32, we already get 58 of 64 which leaves practically no room
for the sender address. I think the sender address can legally be up
to 64+1+255 = 320 characters (unless I'm missing some additional

Of course, I'm talking about the limits here. Commonly, the mailing
list names and sender addresses will be shorter but they are still
barely fitting in the 64 octets allowed by the RFC. Therefore, I'd like
to ask about the possibility of shortening the subscription addresses.

My first thought would be to remove the sender address part. I think we
should be able to reasonably assume the 16 random hex digits should be
unique enough to reduce the possibility of collision and the sender
address is stored inside the file anyway.

What do you think?


Best regards,
Michał Górny

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